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Hint: It ranks your website on top of the search results.

What is SEO ?

Ever seen how some websites make their way to the top of the search results even though there are multiple other websites that offer similar results to the query you made? Well, that’s because of a strategic process called Search Engine Optimization.

Abbreviated as SEO , this process is essential for making your website pages ranker higher on the search page results, thereby enhancing your brand visibility. Of course, a website could get on top of the search page results by collaborating with google Ads, but SEO is all about getting those rankings organic – meaning, we don’t pay google for being found first!

Because Every Business aims to be on top.

Why do we need SEO

Surely, you might not be the only website that offers services/products in this ever growing, competitive market. SEO makes that difference in gaining that upper edge over your potential competitors in the market. A well optimized website attracts targeted audience and makes your brand known.

SEO is not a singular process. It involves a series of steps and multiple areas to be covered while optimizing your website. And there are a few beginner steps to make your website – Search Engine Friendly.

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Ultimate SEO Checklist

  • Making your website Indexable
  • Create a Robots.txt file
  • Create and Submit a Sitemap
  • Make your website crawlable
  • Using a secure SSL – HTTPS
  • Include Keywords in metadata
  • Writing compelling title tags
  • Improving the website’s speed
  • Search for competitive keywords