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Search Engine Marketing offers top ranks in search page results - inorganically.

What is SEM?

Say, if you are unable to get your website rank higher in search results page using organic means i.e., Search Engine Optimization – what would be your go to point?

SEM aids you in that case. Search Engine Marketing is essentially a paid means of marketing through search engines i.e., SEM is closely associated to google and other search engines like Bing, yahoo etc. Google Ad campaigns play key part in highlighting your business to potential visitors by displaying your content on the top of SERPs. SEM may also be interpreted as Pay Per Click and paid marketing.

To get a good head-start over your competitors!

Why do We need SEM?

Organic Search Engine Optimization takes time to get cultivated. For starters, part of SEO is making sure your site is fast and user-friendly. You need SEM harness both paid Ad campaigns and organic search results to attract targeted visitors – thereby ensuring your brand captures immediate results and has a strong online presence.

And what’s more? You get a whole lot of customizations and control over your campaigns. SEM is extremely helpful in building your brand visibility through increased brand awareness. You can easily measure, monitor and improve your Ad campaigns as per your traffic audience preferences. The SEM results are often quantified and highly intent driven.s  

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Ultimate SEM Checklist - 2022

  • Analyse and strategize your goals
  • Identify your brand keywords
  • Submit your website to search engines
  • Create a definite linking strategy
  • Set up google Ad campaigns
  • Monitor campaign management
  • Install analytics to track your efforts
  • Start relevant blogs and articles